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Feminine wipes 20s

Vagisil FRESHDAY Feminine Cleansing Wipes are perfect for daily cleansing and freshness on-the-go.

The hypo-allergenic wipe is alcohol-free and soap-free and is ideal for daily use. The pre-moistened wipe removes odor with its special gentle cleansing formula, leaving you clean and fresh. Plus, this soft gentle wipe takes care of irritating discharge by easily wiping away from the external vaginal area. It is also enriched with Vitamins A and E; soothing and moisturizing your skin with chamomile extracts and aloe.


  • Unique formula and is convenient to use, needs no water or rinsing
  • Flushable and Individually wrapped for ultimate convenience
  • Hypoallergenic and for Sensitive skin
  • Alcohol-free and soap-free, odor-blocking formula is safe and gentle on delicate skin of the genital area
  • Enriched with Vitamins A and E; Soothes and moisturizes skin with Chamomile extracts and Aloe

When to Use:
FRESHDAY Feminine Cleansing Wipes are individually wrapped for ultimate convenience to fit into your pocket or purse. They are great for everyday freshening, during your period, after or in place of toilet tissue, at home and while traveling. Good for use whilst traveling, after sports, spa sessions or during activity filled days. They are specially formulated to leave you feeling clean and fresh all day.

Main Ingredients:
Unique hypo-allergenic formula with a unique odor blocking formula; Vitamins A and E, and chamomile extracts and aloe for their soothing properties.

Remove Wipe from foil packet and wipe external vaginal area from front to back. Use each wipe only once and then flush or throw away.