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Feminine Powder

Vagisil Feminine Powder absorbs wetness and eliminates odor and bacteria in the vaginal area. Its 100% talc- free formula blocks odor and prevents chafing. It is enriched with Vitamins E, A, D and Aloe, making it safe and gentle for external vaginal use or all over body and also on baby's babies' bottoms.

One hundred percent talc-free, Vagisil Feminine Powder with cornstarch has a new, unique odor-blocking protection that helps prevent odors from ever starting. This new formula also absorbs wetness and relieves chafing. Enriched with vitamins E, A and D, plus aloe, it is safe to use in the external genital area as well as for all-over the body and has a light, fresh scent.


  • Natural cornstarch powder absorbs moisture and odor from vaginal perspiration and discharge
  • Unique odor-blocking formula helps keep odor from occurring
  • Provides a dry, fresh, clean feeling
  • Helps protect skin from chafing and irritation
  • Economy-sized bottle that is easy to hold and convenient for easy storage and travel

When to Use:
Apply after bath or shower to external genital area or sprinkle on panties, pads or pantyliners for extra protection. Also, the powder is ideal as an all-over body powder, particularly under the breasts and on inner thighs. The powder can be used daily or whenever necessary, to prevent feminine odor and absorb wetness. 

Main Ingredients:
Natural pure pharmaceutical grade cornstarch, which has been proven safe to use to absorb wetness; unique odor blocking technology; and aloe and mineral oil for their soothing properties. 

Use Vagisil Feminine Powder daily after shower or bath or as needed. Sprinkle on panties, pantiliners or pads.